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The Twelve Tribes, formerly known as the Vine Christian Community Church, Northeast Kingdom Community Church, the Messianic Communities, and the Community Apostolic Order is a new religious movement founded by Gene Spriggs (now known as Yoneq) that sprang out of the Jesus movement in 1972 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The group calls itself an attempt to recreate the 1st-century church in the. Elbert Eugene Spriggs or Yoneq (as he is known within the Twelve Tribes community) was born on May 18 1937. External links. A short history of Gene Spriggs and his wife's lives and ministry, from the Twelve Tribes website; University of Virginia New Religious Movements page on The Twelve Tribe Find a Grave, database and images (https://www.findagrave.com: accessed ), memorial page for Elbert Eugene Spriggs (19 Aug 1897-13 Nov 1966), Find a Grave Memorial no. 145153074, citing Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, USA ; Maintained by Betsy (contributor 47412081) Elbert Eugene Spriggs: Birthdate: estimated between 1870 and 1930 : Death: Immediate Family: Husband of Mabel Spriggs Father of Marilyn Butefish; Private and Private . Managed by: Jennifer Lynn Butefish: Last Updated: May 25, 201

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  1. Some people scoff at the intense interest given to end-time prophecies, but the times we live in could make a person fearful. This is the only time in over 4000 years that a global civilization and a global culture have been within man's reach
  2. Elbert Eugene Spriggs Yoneq Twelve Tribes Teachings on the following: BLACK AMERICANS CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT is condemned as evil. BLACK SLAVERY is taught, for dark-skinned people who do not join the Tribes. What a marvelous opportunity that blacks could be brought over here to be slaves so that they could be found worthy of the nations
  3. Der ehemalige Pädagoge Elbert Eugene Spriggs gilt als Gründer und nannte die Gemeinschaft zunächst Light Brigade. Die Gruppe isolierte sich immer mehr von der Außenwelt und kaufte Ende der..
  4. Gründung: in den 70er Jahren durch Elbert Gene Spriggs in den USA gegründet. Glaube: Glaube an das alte und neue Testament; wortwörtliche Auslegung. der Bibel. Merkmale: ein Leben in Gütergemeinschaften, isoliert von der. Außenwelt, streng regulierter Tagesablauf, Verzicht. auf Lohn und persönliches Eigentum, Unterricht für Kinder in der . Gemeinde, Züchtigung der Kinder.

Elbert Eugene Spriggs, Sr. lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A factory worker and scoutmaster, Mr. Spriggs was well respected by all who knew him. His strong religious beliefs were reflected in a life of good deeds. In 1937 a son was born to him, Elbert, Jr., whom he called by the nickname Gene Founded by former carnival barker and high school guidance counselor Elbert Eugene Spriggs, the quirky Christian/Hebrew hybrid religion grew from the ashes of the drug-fueled hippie movement of the early 1970s Spriggs may refer to: . Archibald E. Spriggs (1866-1921), lieutenant governor of Montana; David Spriggs (born 1981), Australian rules footballer; Edmund Ivens Spriggs (1871-1949), British physician and medical researcher; Elbert Eugene Spriggs (born 1937), Founder, Twelve Tribes group; Elizabeth Spriggs (1929-2008), English actress; Francis Spriggs (died 1725), British pirat Sie wurde Anfang der 1970er Jahre von Elbert Eugene Spriggs (auch Gene Spriggs und - innerhalb der Glaubensgemeinschaft - Yoneq genannt) gegründet. Die Zwölf Stämme sehen sich als bibeltreu und in..

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  1. Der in den 70er Jahren in den USA von einem Gene Spriggs gegründeten Sektesollen weltweit etwa 2.000 Menschen angehören. Die Sekte entstand als Zweig aus der nordamerikanischen Northeast Kingdom Community in Island Pond (US Staat Vermont), deren Gründer Elbert Eugen Spriggs (geb. 1937) war
  2. Als Gründer der Zwölf Stämme gilt der Amerikaner Elbert Eugene Spriggs, ein ehemaliger Pädagoge und Anhänger der Jesus-People-Bewegung, der in den frühen 1970er Jahren in Chattanooga Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene in einer sogenannten Light Brigade um sich sammelte. Die schnell wachsende Bewegung ging in den Folgejahren immer stärker in die Isolation
  3. Elbert Eugene Spriggs Teen shares chilling tale of alleged abuse inside the Twelve Tribes sect After years of being abused, forced to work in factories, brainwashed and denied a normal childhood,..
  4. Elbert Eugene Spriggs wollte die Glaubensgemeinschaft zwölf Stämme vergrößern und somit auch die Bedeutung und den Einfluss der Gruppierung erhöhen. Deshalb ging er in den 1980er Jahren nach Frankreich und gründete dort den europäischen Zweig der zwölf Stämme. Zunächst verlief der Aufbau schleppend. Im Jahre 1990 gab es lediglich 48 Mitglieder der zwölf Stämme in Frankreich. Drei.

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The Twelve Tribes grew out of an early 1970s youth Bible study group led by Elbert Eugene Spriggs and his wife Marsha in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is now an international network of several dozen religious communes that consider Spriggs, who is known as Yoneq, a modern-day apostle, and follow his teachings explicitly lest they risk being ostracized by the cult and damned to an apocalyptic. 1937 - Elbert Eugene Spriggs Jr. was born into a devout Methodist family in East Ridge, Tennessee. Spriggs early adult life was unsettled in a number of ways as he held a succession of jobs, was married three times before meeting his current wife, Marsha Ann Duvall, and describes hate of spiritual uneasiness . 1970 - Spriggs reported a life-changing experience in which he confessed the. Group founder Elbert Eugene Spriggs is known by the name Yoneq to followers. The group is known for complete mind control in their own intentional communities, requiring members to give up their thoughts and possessions and to live as a slave to the group — in harmony with Acts 2:44

In religionswissenschaftlichen Standardwerken zählen sie zu den Messianic Communities. Gegründet wurden sie von Elbert Eugene Spriggs (geb. 1937), der in der Gemeinschaft als Apostel bezeichnet wird. Die christlich-rigoristisch geprägte Kommune will das urchristliche Leben wiederherstellen und lebt Gütergemeinschaft Spriggs. This unusual name is of early medieval English origin, and is an example of the common medieval practice of creating a surname from the habitual use of a nickname. In this case the nickname was used of someone who was tall, thin and bony, from the Middle English word sprigge, meaning. Gründer Elbert Eugene Spriggs Die schnell wachsende Bewegung ging in den Folgejahren immer stärker in die Isolation. Die Zusammenarbeit mit den traditionellen christlichen Kirchen Chattanoogas wurde aufgekündigt. 1978 erwarb die Light Brigade in Island Pond, einem Dorf im Neuenglandstaat Vermont, ein eigenes Domizil und nannte sich fortan Northeast Kingdom Community Church. Eine erste. Cult leader travels the world in style Second of two parts. Boston Herald/September 5, 2001 By Dave Wedge While his loyal followers toil in shops and factories or work the fields for the common good of the Twelve Tribes, the controversial cult's elusive leader Elbert Eugene Yoneq Spriggs travels the globe, bedding down in palatial homes in southern France, Brazil and Cape Cod, former members.

We know that the Tribes will never change as long as Elbert Eugene Spriggs is the sole uncontested leader. Spriggs may write new teachings or they may live in new places or they may wear their hair different or wear different clothes but the basic theme will be obedience to him and his teachings. James Howell Spriggs personal secretary for 10 years - 1/23/93. San Sebastian Community - Spain. Are we sure Elbert Yoneq Spriggs is the way his name should be spelled? Did he officially/legally change his middle name? Zach 21:10, 27 September 2005 (UTC) . well, the official twelve tribes website doesn't currently include any mention of the name Yoneq, only Elbert Eugene Spriggs, and sometimes Gene.Other sources refer to him as Yoneq but not as a middle name, kind of as an entirely. name = Elbert Eugene Spriggs residence = Unknown other_names = Yoneq imagesize = caption = birth_name = Elbert Eugene Spriggs birth_date = May 18, 1937 birth_place = Tennessee, USA occupation = Religious leader title = Apostle, the Annointed religion = Twelve Tribes. Elbert Eugene Spriggs Jr. felt he could never live up to his strict Christian father's expectations. After three failed marriages and numerous jobs, Spriggs had a revelation that his duty was to bring people to God - but to do that he wanted to establish a new church...one where he would make the rules Elbert Eugene Spriggs considered like a prophet came many times in the 5 years I was there. He would stay 2 or 3 months. He had a separate house with the nicest rugs, goodies and special treats. - Testimony of Evelyne Massy Humanity Presse (France) Life in the kingdom is life under authority. If you have a problem with authority you have a problem with God . - Elders and Deacons. Our.

Elbert Eugene Spriggs was working in a carnival in Chattanooga, Tenn., when he says he heard the Lord ask him, Is this what I created you for? The year was 1969, and the answer was no Nato a Chattanooga, nel Tennessee, il 18 maggio 1937, Elbert Eugene Spriggs Jr., ex direttore del personale in un'azienda di tappeti, aderì in California negli anni '70 al famoso Jesus Movement(Movimento di Gesù) Der Gründer der Zwölf Stämme, der Amerikaner Eugene Elbert Spriggs, behauptet, die Gebote direkt von Gott empfangen zu haben. Daran wird nicht gerüttelt. In einem hierarchischen System. Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities and Elbert Eugene Spriggs aka Yoneq, the Community at Island Pond, VT This page contains information The Cult Education Institute has gathered about Twelve Tribes

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Get detailed information about Gilbert Spriggs, including previous known addresses, phone numbers, jobs, schools, or run a comprehensive background check anonymously Listen to the audio pronunciation of Elbert Eugene Spriggs on pronouncekiwi. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. pronouncekiwi - How To Pronounce Elbert. Die Jünger Jahschuas des Elbert Eugene Spriggs aka Yonek. Klaus Fleckner Esoterik-Angebot in wissenschaftlichem Gewand S. 84. Fallbeispiel: das Nathal-Institut in Wuppertal. DOKUMENTATION. Die Nathal-Methode S. 90. INFORMATIONEN. Urchristliche Gemeinschaften Holič-Gruppe wirbt unter Christen S. 94. In eigener Sache Gratulation in Stuttgart S. 95. Esoterik Glaube an Einfluss des Mondes auf. However, the group quickly changed in doctrine and practice due to their apostle, Elbert Eugene Spriggs. He claims to have a direct pipeline to God and is accountable to no one—a very dangerous mix. Teachings. The group now teaches three eternal destinies for all humanity. There are those who go to the Holy City (Twelve Tribes and other Old and New Testament worthies), those who go to.

Elbert Eugene Spriggs - Twelve Tribes. History. The origins of the Twelve Tribes movement can be traced to a ministry for teenagers called the Light Brigade in 1972. The ministry operated out of a small coffee shop called The Lighthouse in the home of Gene Spriggs and his wife Marsha. The Light Brigade began living communally and opened a restaurant called The Yellow Deli while attending. Elbert Eugene Spriggs Description: Teachings The Twelve Tribes await the coming of the Messiah. Children play an integral part in the preparation for the Messiah and the Last Day. Freeing children from guilt and keeping their minds pure is a critical necessity. For this reason, teachings instruct that children not play with toys, play imaginary or fantasy games, have candy, or watch television.

The sandwich-slinging cult was founded by Elbert Eugene Spriggs (alias Gene Spriggs) in 1972. As par for the course with cults, he got a new name (changing someone's name is pretty standard; it's the quickest way to dramatically change someone's identity), Yoneq. This name - he thought - was Hebrew for twig, which he claimed was taken from an obscure reference in Ezekiel 17. In. Leaving. 89 Reasons why a past member left. Cult. WHY I LEFT ELBERT EUGENE. SPRIGGS . The past member that wrote this has wished to remain anonymous. Formerly known as. Not only do we not think the Mayan calendar is correct, we reject any prophecy from any source that has not proven 100% correct in the past. Hanon-shop provides limited edition, vintage and hard to find sneakers and trainers. In 1973, Eugene Spriggs formed the Vine Christian Community Church, now known as the Twelve Tribes community, in Chattanooga. Spriggs and his wife, Marsha, were looking for a church that put God first before everything. Not satisfied with the options they found, they decided to form their own community that focuses on restoring the apostolic church of Jewish disciples who surrounded Yahshua. Elbert Eugene Spriggs war Anhänger der Jesus-People-Bewegung, einer christlichen Gruppe, die aus der Hippie-Bewegung in der USA der 60er und 70er Jahre hervorgegangen war. Spriggs sammelte seine Anhänger in der sogenannten Light Brigade um isolierte sich schnell von anderen Kirchen. 1984 geriet die Gruppe das erste Mal mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt, als insgesamt 112 Kinder in die staatliche.

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  1. Louise Spriggs. Historical records and family trees related to Louise Spriggs. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. MyHeritage Family Trees; Geni World Family Tree; England & Wales, Death Index, 1837-2005; FamilySearch Family Tree ; 1940 United States Federal Census; 1901 England & Wales Census; England & Wales.
  2. Genealogy for Marilyn Louise Butefish (Spriggs) (1935 - 1986) family tree on Geni, with over 190 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surname
  3. The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of self governing religious communities founded by Elbert Eugene Spriggs (now known as Yoneq) that sprung out of the Jesus Movement in the early 1970s in Chattanooga, Tennessee. ref|Palmer1998 The group ha
  4. Gene Spriggs, age 33, Ellijay, GA 30540 View Full Report Known Locations: Ellijay GA, 30540, Blue Ridge GA 30513, Ellijay GA 30540 Possible Relatives: Trudy N Bandeira, Angela M Spriggs, Brittany Spriggs

The Twelve Tribes originated in 1972 Chattanooga, Tennessee and was founded by Elbert Eugene Spriggs off the back of the Jesus People Movement. According to the Apologetics Index, they have roughly 2000 - 3000 members in 50 communities over nine countries including Australia, the US, Canada, Japan, Germany and France Yoneq (Elbert Eugene Spriggs) is the person who wrote the teaching Execution of Justice which I published last night. He was the one who lead by example in that teaching by telling a story where he beat little two year old Lydia Mattattall (who will be shown in the video below) who he had taken from her mother and father to be his and Marsha's own child since she was barren. They took Lydia. The controversial group led by Elbert Eugene Spriggs, a former carnival barker turned self-proclaimed super apostle, is also known for its anti-Semitic tracts and racism. The Twelve Tribes was exposed and fined for child labor violations in 2001. Spriggs and his followers, not to mention other cults, may see the new legislation passed to benefit the benign Amish as a windfall for. Der Gründer, Elbert Eugene Spriggs, hatte zum christlichen Glauben gefunden und wollte Gottes Willen tun. Er und seine Frau Marsha luden alle in ihr Haus ein, die mehr über Gott erfahren wollten. Anfangs gingen alle noch zusammen in die örtlichen Kirchen und besuchten die Gottesdienste, aber sie bekamen immer mehr das Gefühl, dass die Menschen dort nicht das Leben führten, von dem in der. Inside the Lawsuits that Could Finally Take Down the FLDS Mormon CultHow Cults WorkQuestion 12 Tribes - NEWSWhy I Left The 12 Tribe Cult12 Tribes Cult Leader

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Founder: Elbert Eugene Spriggs, sometimes referred to as Elbert 'Gene' Spriggs, or simply Gene Spriggs. Known within the community as Yoneq, he refers to himself as Super Apostle. Membership: Believed to be between 2,000 - 3,000. The groups says it has 50 communities, in nine countries 301 Moved Permanently. ngin Sie wurde Anfang der 1970er Jahre in den Vereinigten Staaten von Elbert Eugene Spriggs (auch Gene Spriggs und - innerhalb der. Die zwölf Jünger werden symbolisch auch mit den zwölf Stämmen Israels in Verbindung gebracht. Paulus bezeichnete im Galaterbrief die Apostel als Säulen (Gal 2,9 EU); Kirchengebäude werden daher manchmal symbolisch mit zwölf Säulen gebaut. In der Apokalypse.

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The last of America's famous cults, the Twelve Tribes, were founded by Elbert Eugene Spriggs, often known as Yoneq, in 1971. It seems Spriggs, like most other cult leaders, claimed to have had a vision-in this case while on a Los Angeles beach. Before that time, Elbert Spriggs had been a high school counselor and a carnival barker, two professions which provided him with skills he. Twelve Tribes/ Zwölf Stämme/Dvanáct Kmenů- Infos und Aufklärung/Kritik. 79 likes. Doku über Ereignisse bei den Zwölf Stämmen(Community gegründet v. Elbert Eugene Spriggs in Chattanooga TN). Sie haben.. Elbert eugene spriggs (English to German translation). Translate Elbert eugene spriggs to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time Elbert eugene spriggs (English to Korean translation). Translate Elbert eugene spriggs to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time Join the Halo Repair Crew! Your pledge of even $20/month will help us share the Catholic faith joyfully in innovative ways

Listen to Cults episodes free, on demand. Elbert Eugene Spriggs Jr. felt he could never live up to his strict Christian father's expectations. After three failed marriages and numerous jobs, Spriggs had a revelation that his duty was to bring people to God - but to do that he wanted to establish a new church...one where he would make the rules. . The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your. Cult Watching filtered by Elbert Eugene Spriggs. Research and publish the best content. Get Started for FREE Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Already have an account: Login. Try Business Plans Resources Join Free. Research and publish the best content..

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  1. The TT ,The Twelve Tribes,Eugene Spriggs The TT published Elbert Spriggs' biography in which they state he gave up an executive job to become a tour director for a large travel company so that he could see the world. The Twelve Tribes never experience difficulty when purchasing buildings, businesses and property to expand their kingdom on earth. In the past they have claimed that.
  2. ir165-into-darkness-elbert-and-marsha-spriggs.jpg. Twelve Tribes cult leader Yaneq, aka Elbert Eugene Spriggs, and his wife Marsha. Home; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; SPLC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 63-0598743) The Southern Poverty Law Center. 400 Washington Avenue . Montgomery, AL 36104. The Civil Rights Memorial Center. Learn More. About Us. Press Center.
  3. Le groupe a été fondé par Elbert Eugène et Marsha Spriggs. Elbert Eugène, né en 1937, ancien forain avait créé un centre d'aide aux drogués. En 1972, il épousera une femme au foyer qu'il avait secourue : Marsha Ann Duval (née en 1950). À cette époque, le couple pense que l'Amérique s'étant éloignée de Dieu, il convenait de recommen- cer sur de nouvelles fondations. Son.
  4. Yoneq (Elbert Eugene Spriggs) is the person who wrote the teaching Execution of Justice which I plan to publish in the next week. He was the one who lead by example in that teaching by telling a story where he beat little two year old Lydia Mattattall (pictured above) who he had taken from his mother and father to be his own child. He took Lydia to Europe to avoid her return to her father.
  5. We have 26 records for Roy Spriggs ranging in age from 54 years old to 124 years old. Roy has been found in 16 states including Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, and 11 others. Possible related people for Roy Spriggs include Carol Sue Spriggs, Geraldine K Spriggs, Neil Allen Spriggs, Wayne L Spriggs, Esther Emelia Spriggs, and many others
  6. leader Elbert Eugene Spriggs, Jr. to the village to help found a religious com- munity. Spriggs came from Tennessee, where he had already founded a church group. Almost immediately, the Island Pond group tripled in size from its 20 original members to 60. From the beginning, the relationship between the church's bearded men and kerchiefed women and the rest of the townspeople was uneasy.
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Elbert Eugene Spriggs and the Elijah, 12 Tribes, Cult, Yachebed, Exalted Position, Northeast Kingdom Community Church, The New Apostolic Order in Messiah, The Church in Island Pond, The Community, Yoneq, Elbert Spriggs, FLDS- Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints,Warren Jeffs,Alta Academy,Polygamy,Yearning for Zion Ranch,Lost boys,Plural marriage, Benny Hinn,Televangelist - Benny Hinn,Faith healer. Start Posts Tagged Elbert Eugene Spriggs Bratwurst statt Sekte - Robert Pleyers Ausstieg aus den Zwölf Stämmen 21.

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APOSTLE ELBERT EUGENE SPRIGGS Yoneq is the Anointing, Prophet, and Elijah. He and 4th wife Marsha Ann Duvall Spriggs Ha'emeq lead the Twelve Tribes communities. All members must Cling to the Anointing (Spriggs) and obey his Teachings. Spriggs' adult son has visited, but never joined, and says my dad is leader of a cult. If you oppose the Anointing (Spriggs, his. Spriggs may refer to: David Spriggs (born 1981), Australian rules footballer with the Port Melbourne Football Club in the Victorian Football League; Elbert Eugene Spriggs (born 1937), Twelve Tribes religious leader, known as Yoneq, from East Ridge, Tennessee. Elizabeth Spriggs (1929-2008), Olivier Award-winning English character actress ; Francis Spriggs (died 1725), British pirate active in.

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La secta fue fundada por Elbert Eugene Spriggs, quien dijo escuchar la voz de Dios en 1969 y estableció las bases del grupo tres años más tarde. La secta se funda en elementos del judaísmo y. They start working as young as 2 or 3, and by 13 or 14 are expected to quit home-schooling to work alongside their parents, making the candles and furniture sold to finance the group headed by 63-year-old leader Elbert Eugene Spriggs. It's not much of a childhood, says Anne, a former member whose identity is being withheld at her request

They follow the teachings of Elbert Eugene Spriggs, a three-times divorced man, remarried for the fourth time. Being bitterly disillusioned with the established churches, he identifies them with the Whore of Babylon, requiring his members to have no fellowship outside his community. In spite of this, former Campus Crusade for Christ members ordained him as an apostle! These terms are used by. Spriggs, Elbert Eugene e Twelve Tribes (Dodici tribù) dal 1972 ; Visionari; Armée de Marie (Armata di Maria) dal 1971; Gaspari, Luigi 1926-1995; Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza Madre dell'Eucaristia dal 1995; Norcia, Giuseppina e La Nuova Gerusalemme 1940-1989; Pasquali Carlizzi, Gabriella e Associazione Fra i Volontari della Carità 1947-2010; Ryden, Vassula e La Vera Vita in Dio n. Gemeinschaft - [WIKI] Gemeinschaft (von gemein, Gemeinsamkeit) bezeichnet in der Soziologie und der Ethnologie (Völkerkunde) eine überschaubare soziale Gruppe (beispielsweise eine Familie, Gemeinde, Wildbeuter-Horde, einen Clan oder Freundeskreis), deren Mitglieder durch ein starkes Wir-Gefühl eng miteinander verbunden sind - oftmals über Generationen The Messianic Communities, best known as the Northeast Kingdom Community or Island Pond Community, and in 1999 calling itself the Twelve Tribes, is Spriggs may refer to:. David Spriggs (born 1981), an Australian rules footballer with the Port Melbourne Football Club in the Victorian Football League; Elbert Eugene Spriggs (born 1937), a Twelve Tribes religious leader, known as Yoneq, from East Ridge, Tennessee.; Elizabeth Spriggs (1929-2008), an Olivier Award-winning English character actress; Francis Spriggs (died 1725), a British.

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Wenn es bei Ariva mal keinen Spaß mehr macht:: Mit Liebe durch die Apokalypse Von Alexander Schwabe Auf einem ehemals fürstlichen Gutshof in Bayern haben sich A.. History []. On January 14, 1979, the six members of the General Apostolic Council of the [[New Covenant Apostolic Order] (NCAO)—Peter Gillquist, Jack Sparks, Jon Braun, J.R. Ballew, Gordon Walker, and Kenneth Berven—stood in a circle and self-ordained each other bishops. The following day they announced the formation of a new denomination——the Evangelical Orthodox Church—consisting.

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The Twelve Tribes were founded by Elbert Eugene Spriggs, often known as Yoneq, in 1971. It seems Spriggs, like most other cult leaders, claimed to have had a. Helpful tip: Each question answered incorrectly from the U.S. History exams on Study.com links you back to the lesson where you can review the correct answer. May 4, 2016. For an overview of major themes in US history, check out. Ellen Jones-Spriggs. We have 2391 records for Ellen Jones-Spriggs ranging in age from 41 years old to 134 years old. Ellen has been found in 16 states including Florida, New York, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and 11 others. Possible related people for Ellen Jones-Spriggs include Rachael Lyn Barnard, Angela Ethridge Spriggs, Dane P Spriggs. FOUNDED in 1976 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by a former high school guidance counsellor, Elbert Eugene Spriggs (Yoneq), Twelve Tribes now has 3000 members worldwide, with communities in the US.

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