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PHPKB is an open source knowledge base software that can be pretty much anything you want it to be. Use it to share knowledge with others. Publish and manage articles, white papers, user manuals, business processes, FAQs, online help, APIs and any other type of information. PHPKB Knowledge Base Software provides the tools to capture and share knowledge as well as to manage the whole knowledge. PHPKB is a modern knowledge management software that allows you to quickly set-up the knowledge base and starts organizing your organization's knowledge. It lets you save time on onboarding new support representatives and respond faster to customers as a team. It is developed in PHP and supports both MySQL and SQL Server databases. It allows you to set up a knowledge base that contains answers. Open source knowledge base application for Teams. Contribute to ziishaned/opus development by creating an account on GitHub

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  1. , ask question, answer questions etc. Cerebro. Open-source productivity booster with a brain Top Searches. php blog script; php guestbook; knowledge base php; 德化县d9 催情液体【 q★ :344m067584★】★ youtube downloader script; yahtzee php; win-and-i.
  2. I believe that phpMyFAQ is the most useful KB I have seen so far ( from open-source ). It is simple, straight-forward KB software, is it PHP => can be easily installed on any server and can be customized if you know a bit of php. In addition it is made simple enough but with correct priorities and logic. I suggest to install it and play with it.
  3. d to make it easy to configure and setup. DOWNLOAD . the professional php knowledge base script that allows you to create your own help system or documentation. Key Features. Unlimited Categories You can have unlimited categories and an unlimited category depth. Friendly URL's.

Open source. We don't want to work with a knowledge base system for years just to hear that the vendor is discontinuing its services and that we are losing all of the information we have built up over the years. This also allows people with sufficient technical skills to run the software on their own servers if there are any privacy concerns. That all said, the following are my favorite 'killer' PHP open source projects: WORDPRESS. Probably the most popular open source blogging software out there. It has gone through a few major revisions and now has a more solid object oriented code base*

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A simple knowledge base software that allows you to create and easily maintain a Q&A section on your website, publish content, add rich text formatting, links and embed multimedia. This script is built in PHP and uses MySQL to store the database. The PHP knowledge base script uses our latest PHPJabbers framework and adapts to any screen resolution to provide an optimal user experience on any. In a Nutshell, PHP Knowledge Base... No code available to analyze. Open Hub computes statistics on FOSS projects by examining source code and commit history in source code management systems. This project has no code locations, and so Open Hub cannot perform this analysis. Is this project's source code hosted in a publicly available repository? Do you know the URL? If you do, click the button.

An open source knowledge management application that's focused on ease of use. Bookstack is completly free and also has a WYSIWYG Editor. Guest • Mar 2017 • 6 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree Agree; Free Open Source Linux Web Self-Hosted PHP Cloudron. Documentation Knowledge base Note Manager Wiki... WYSIWYG Support Add a feature. 61 Like. DokuWiki. DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple. Perl-based. Socialtext is an enterprise wiki and weblog engine partially derived from open-source Kwiki. Socialtext is available as a hosted service, or a dedicated hardware appliance. PHP-based. Drupal installations can be configured as wikis with MediaWiki-style wiki markup Basic Use. If you already have a phpList set up and you just need to know how to use it, then this section is for you. Chapter of the month (Open Source). wp-knowledgebase is one of the simpler solutions available, with the added benefit of taking seconds to install and configure with an existing copy of WordPress. Here's a checklist of the improvements we made to the stock installation.

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  1. Zwei freie Plattformen dieser Stoßrichtung heißen Open Source Q&A und Shapado und sind unter der GPL respektive der AGPL lizenziert. Wikimania. Geht es um die interne Firmenkommunikation, steht nach wie vor das Mediawiki hoch im Kurs, für das die Statistikwebseite Ohloh fast 200 Codezuträger zählt . Es setzt aktuell einen installierten PHP.
  2. Widgets. You can embed Open Hub widgets in your web site
  3. This MySQL based open source PHP ecommerce platform can run on Windows, Linux, and Unix, but has an issue with Macs. It's not SEO friendly, has a bad rep for service and support, and doesn't have a gift certificate feature or a low stock alert. In short, it's not a platform we would readily recommend. That said, AFCommerce has a few surprises, like a one-page checkout
  4. An extension for phpBB 3.1.x that adds a knowledge base to your board. Features: Fully integrated Knowledge Base for phpBB 3.1.x; Multiple categorie
  5. 10 great knowledge base examples. From top to bottom, a knowledge base should be educational, motivational, and organized. It must answer common questions efficiently to save customers time and confusion. Most of all, a knowledge base should build upon itself to coalesce into an educational archive that's accessible and practical
  6. phpMyFAQ is a mobile-friendly, multilingual, scalable, completely database-driven FAQ software and offers features from single FAQ sites up to enterprise ready integration

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Raneto is an open source Knowledgebase platform that uses static Markdown files to power your Knowledgebase. Simple. Create and manage an entire knowledgebase using your favorite text editor. Flat. Raneto is a flat file CMS, meaning no database woe's, no MySQL queries, nothing. Fast . Node is fast + Raneto is seriously lightweight + Raneto has no database = super fast. Other Features. Top open source knowledge base solutions OpenKM. OpenKM is one of the most well-known open source knowledge base solutions out there. It's more of an internal knowledge base as it's designed to help corporate companies manage their knowledge. Their community version is available to be freely used and publicly distributed under GNU General Public Licence version 2. It has good forum support. openKB is a Markdown Knowledge base application (FAQ) built with Nodejs and ExpressJS. The application uses an embedded database (nedb) by default but can also use a MongoDB server by changing the config (see below). The application is designed to be easy to use and install and based around search rather than nested categories Knowledge Base category PHP, get help and learn about PHP. Knowledge base. Find articles about information features, troubleshooting guides, and other technical information related to the hosting service Hostinger. Categories; PHP PHP. Is allow_url_fopen enabled on your servers? PHP function allow_url_fopen is enabled on all of our Shared Hosting packages. Read More. Do you support GCC. If by open source knowledge base, you mean it being editable in layman's terms, then you have many applications such as Wikipedia: If you register, you can change articles by accessing the code and editing it, and even Quora now to a certain extent, as it allows you to merge questions, change questions, upvote answers, down vote, and edit

DDEX has not tested any of these open source software packages and modules. As a consequence, DDEX cannot guarantee that they work as advertised. DDEX does not accept any liability for using these software modules. If you are aware of any open source tools not listed here, please let us know, and we will update the list I think User is right on the money about Evernote (product). It's a great personal information manager. However I think the complete answer is that there isn't any good open source software for personal knowledge management because there isn't any.. Another PHP based open source document management system; the Seeddms supports MySQL and sqlite3 databases. The best thing about the Seeddms is that it is an enterprise-ready document scanning software which is used for sharing as well as storing documents TWiki is leading open source enterprise wiki and Web application platform used by 50,000 small businesses, many Fortune 500 companies, and millions of people. The Structured Wiki has hundreds of plugin and is used as an intranet or extranet to run project and team workspaces, manage documents and knowledge bases, and implement other collaborative tool

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  1. Since 2007 we have been developing the knowledge management platform BlueSpice based on the open source software MediaWiki. With our growing team of more than 20 employees, we offer companies an enterprise software for the implementation of integrated management systems, documentation systems, organization manuals, intranet wikis and flexible knowledge bases. We ensure that your wiki project.
  2. ologies and related tools: GALEN ter
  3. Now if any one of my hosting customers ask about a ticket system and/or knowledge base program I am sending them to HESK! Dale C. Crow Florida, US. Just wanted to say thanks so much your script is awesome. It is exactly what I have been looking for! My customers are even ringing me up asking for a direct link to my support site as a result!!! Great work and thanks again! Nick Sydney, Australia.
  4. Open Source. Learn more about DokuWiki features. Use Cases. Wikis are quick to update and new pages are easily added. Designed for collaboration while maintaining a history of every change, DokuWiki could be used as Corporate Knowledge Base. Private notebook. Software manual. Project workspace. CMS - intranet. Customizing DokuWiki. We support customization on all levels of expertise. From.
  5. Open Source Billing: If you need a simple solution to bill clients, receive payments via PayPal and credit card, resolve invoice disputes and keep records of all of the above, Open Source Billing may be for you. jBilling: For complex billing, jBilling is the way to go. It also comes with simple tax functionality meaning it can handle basic US.
  6. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) A knowledge base (KB) is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. The initial use of the term was in connection with expert systems which were the.

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Find and compare top Knowledge Management software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Quickly browse through hundreds of Knowledge Management tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs NextCloud is arguably the most popular open source cloud file sharing service. Apart from sharing files, it allows you to share calendars, contacts, emails and includes professional features like team collaboration and data synchronization and it packs text and video chat apps. Nextcloud - self-hosted file share and communication platform. 2. Ceph. Ceph is an open source distributed object.

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Integrated knowledge base for hosting documentation. Cost: Open Source. 4. BontQ @BontQ. Bontq has been around for the last six years, providing teams with a web-based issue and bug tracking platform, and an integrated project management solution that can help teams to focus on set goals within a single dashboard. Famous for its Desktop Client that can be used to take screenshots or record. Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, from a campus wide social network for your university, school or college or an internal collaborative platform for your organization through to a brand-building communications tool for your company and its clients Knowledge base; Collaborative intranet; Public website; Business applications or other use cases. Download XWiki. XWiki Projects XWiki offers a generic platform for developing projects and collaborative applications using the wiki paradigm. Platform XWiki Platform is the generic wiki platform offering runtime services for applications built on top of it. Flavors XWiki Standard is a fully. UseBB is an Open Source forum package developed in PHP 4 and using the popular MySQL database back-end to store data. Unlike other popular forum systems, UseBB does not strive to have as many features as possible, but to be one of the easiest and most usable forum packages, limiting the basic feature set to only the essential. UseBB is pure forum software

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  1. An open source LMS that is deemed to be powerful in developing web-based eLearning. With the goal of reducing the cost of using new media in education & training and ensure the maximum level of customer influence in implementing the software, ILIAS excels in allowing users to create, manage, and track learning, doing so through supporting SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC standards
  2. Open source edition based on SugarCRM; Separate pricing plans for Marketing, Sales, Help desk or all-in-one; Regional pricing available for some countries like India; Per-user pricing; Vtiger offers a cloud version and an open source version. Of course, if you opt for the open source version, you get to host it yourself and manage it all by yourself or hire a team. After observing the pricing.
  3. Configure PHP (see Configuring Your PHP.ini). The 'filestore' and 'include' folders must be writable by the web server (either 'chmod 777 filestore' then 'chmod -R 777 include' or chown/chgrp the folders to your web server's user/group). The system should now be up and running at the configured URL and the setup process will commence. You will.
  4. CMSimple is a free Open Source Content Management System(CMS), which requires no database. The usage of CMSimple is for free
  5. ous search engines especially for academic open access web resources
  6. PHP: Die Open-Source-Sprache war eigentlich nicht als vollwertige Programmiersprache gedacht, ist jedoch im Laufe der Zeit stetig und massiv weiterentwickelt worden. Inzwischen ist PHP die am weitesten im Internet verbreitete Programmiersprache. Javascript: Mit Javascript erstellen Sie interaktive Elemente einer Webseite. Deshalb ist die Sprache beliebt für die Erstellung von Web-Frontends.
  7. 15 kostenlose Open-Source-Wikis im Überblick Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Pocket E-Mail 28.08.2008, 12:30 Uhr Hinweis: Wir haben in diesem Artikel Provisions-Links verwendet und sie durch.

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Subrion is a PHP/MySQL based CMS & framework that allows you to build websites for any purpose. Yes, from blog to corporate mega portal. Download or see Demo. Key features. Here is why we are so proud of our free content management system. Free & open source. You don't need to pay a single penny to start using Subrion CMS. It's not encrypted in any way so you can customize it per your needs. Many open source projects suffer from a slow development pace, where new versions are endlessly delayed. Huddle is cloud-based and you'll get regular updates without having to do anything! An open source project allows anyone to use the software without contributing. This leads to problems when an important, widely-used project has a severe lack of manpower and funds. Huddle has been a leader. Protégé-Frames provides the powerful knowledge base for the Essential Project, an open source toolset rated as one of the top Enterprise Architecture Suites in Forrester's latest Wave. Protégé enables us to dynamically extend our meta model (of over 500 classes) and manage complex relationships between all aspects of an organisations' enterprise architecture. Read More Jonathan Carter. Open Source. Imixs-Workflow is free software, because we believe that an open exchange of knowledge and experiences is fundamental for the development of sustainable software. You can build, run and adapt Imixs-Workflow for any platform, and use it for any kind of business application. Follow the project on Github..

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CLOUD BASED | SELF HOSTED | QUICK SETUP. Comes with monetization modules for both Subscription and Videos Ads. LIVE DEMO Pricing Download Open Source. Fork. Video On Demand (VOD) Launch your own branded Multi-Screen Video-on-Demand (VOD) Platform in just 1-Click! Read more. Revenue Sharing. ClipBucket revenue Sharing System offers the admin to manage the RPM by regions. Read more. Live. An open, extensible, wiki for your team built using React and Node.js. Try out Outline using our hosted version at www.getoutline.com. This is the source code that runs Outline and all the associated services

OpenKM document management software builds a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets to facilitate knowledge creation and improve business decision making, boosting workgroups and enterprise productivity through shared practices, greater, better customer relations, faster sales cycles, improved product time-to-market, and better-informed decision making qdPM is a free open source web-based project management tool written in symfony framework for small team. Powerful configuration will help you configure this tool as you need. You can easy manage people, projects and tasks. Using qdPM you will save time

OpenRA ist ein Open Source Game der besonderen Art. Es ist eine freie Implementierung der Command & Conquer Reihe, Dune 2000 und weiteren Mods. Eine Wiederbelebung mit besserer Grafik, höherer Auflösung und verbesserter KI. Weiterlesen. 26. April 2016 Rennspiele No comments. TORCS (The Open Racing Car Simulator) Die kostenlose Rennsimulation TORCS (The Open Racing Car Simulator). Weiterlesen. Axel Werner's OPEN SOURCE Knowledge Base. User Tools. Log In; Site Tools. Search > Recent Changes ; Media Manager; Sitemap; You are here: Willkommen auf meiner persönlichen Website! ».

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